Treachery and the Ruby Throne : How Imrryr’s Fate Was Changed

The impregnable isle of Melnibone upon which the glorious city of Imrryr resides, the last city of the Melniboneans, is ruled by a weak man, and the wealth of Imrryr lies for the taking by those bold, brave and ruthless enough to claim it. There are many countries among the Young Kingdoms (named so arrogantly by the Melniboneans who see any kingdom not as ancient as theirs as ‘young’) which would delight in seeing the rainbow towers of Imrryr fall.

The Threads of Fate are Snapped

When Sadric LXXXVI died in battle with raiders at the hands of a mysterious and beautiful youth the fate of the world changed course – there was no albino child born a prince. Sadric’s death left his brother Kahan the Ruby Throne.

Kahan was a ruthless man who taught his son, Yyrkoon, the ways of a true Melnibonean. When Yyrkoon showed a powerful talent for sorcery Kahan was consumed with a violent jealousy, and took many opportunities to inflict cruelties on his son. Yyrkoon’s sister Cymoril sought to turn her father’s cruel intentions from him, but often succeeded in bringing harm to herself.

Never a victim or a fool Yyrkoon bided his time, plotting to murder his father – his opportunity came one night when raiders attacked. Yyrkoon planned to make the death look like an enemy attack, but even as he made his intentions clear and raised his sword a runner appeared with the terrible news of Sadric’s death, and Kahan’s ascension to the Ruby Throne. Yyrkoon dropped his sword in horror at the thought of striking down his emperor. Soon afterwards he was banished by his father. Banishment was at this time a death sentence, as lone melniboneans fared poorly among the humans of the young kingdoms. In protest sweet Cymoril grieved so powerfully Kahan couldn’t bear to see her sad face, so he confined her to her tower, with nothing but her slaves, personal guard and the occasional visitor or suitor for company.

Kahan IX is now so consumed with paranoia and bitterness even the graceful dances of his court do not please him, and he suffers from a loathing for sorcerers.

There Can Only Be One

Fate meant for the world of the Young Kingdoms to die, and another world – Earth – to be born in its stead. Now without the eternal champion to make way for it the Earth-That-Will-Be must fight for its existence. Fractured times and places from Earth are leaking into the Young Kingdoms, and from them come people and creatures intending to fight for the right to be born. For now it is an unnoticeable trickle – signs and portents and strange feelings in the air. Soon it will be a full scale war – not one of life and death, but of the right to have ever existed at all. The victory will not be remembered, and the losers will never have been born.

Will Imrryr fall? Perhaps the reign of Cymoril would create a gentler Melnibone or maybe the exiled prince could recreate glories past? Perhaps it is time for the Melnibonean empire to surpass even its own historical might under the strong fist of an emperor from a new unexpected source.

One thing is certain – the world of the Young Kingdoms must utilise all of its resources if it is to win this war. Perhaps more desperate is the Earth-That-Will-Be, this world never had a chance to exist, while the world of the Young Kingdoms has at least had a life.

Will you side with the Earthlings, Melniboneans or denizens of the Young Kingdoms?

Stormbringer : Splintered Worlds

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