Character Creation

This campaign will include several customised character creation rules. Including rules for creating various humans (and perhaps others) from the Earth-That-Will-Be, and for adding a little extra to your character in the vein of the shadowrun edges and flaws system.

You will start with n character creation points which you can assign throughout the character creation points. Unassigned points will be translated into Elan at the end (Elan is a level of favour with a higher power).

1 : Select your world of origin

Whether you originate from the realm of the Young Kingdoms or from the Earth-That-Will-Be will affect your characters race, starting abilities and talents. The Realm of the Young Kingdoms is one in which Chaos and Law are in balance (though Law waxes), its history is punctuated with dark sorceries and powerful Gods, while the Earth-That-Will-Be is a deeply lawful land, its history marked with the mistakes of man and power of science. Merely originating from one of these planes does not mean you must side with that plane – there are beings which, if assured of your loyalty and power, may ensure your continued existence regardless of where you originate.

  • Realm of the Young Kingdoms : The principle setting for the campaign. A realm of Sorcery and Gods.
  • Earth-That-Will-Be : A secondary setting. A realm of the power of the human mind. Fractured times and places are leaking into the Realm of the Young Kingdoms.
  • Other: You originate from a different realm entirely, but you have interests in one or both of these realms.

2 : Choose Race

Beings from the Realm of the Young Kingdoms

  • Melnibone : Tall, innately sorcerous ancient race, Comes with fixed class selection (Warrior/ Noble)
  • Myrrhyn : Winged race, limited class selection
  • Vilmir : Normal humans, usually living in large cities
  • The Weeping Waste : Powerful, short desert nomads, Comes with fixed class selection (Warrior/ Hunter)
  • Nadsokor : The City of Beggars, suffering various afflictions, Comes with fixed class (Beggar)
  • The Island of the Purple Towns : Burly seafarers. Their purple houses are made from the torn-down towers of their past Melnibonean masters. Rolls of Hunter become sailor for class.
  • Eshmir, Phum and the Far East : A far Eastern nation serving chaos. Home of the legendary Warrior-Priests of Phum – powerful servants of chaos.

Beings from the Earth-That-Will-Be

  • Historical or Modern Human : Standard humans whose chosen weapon may be anything from a bow and arrows to a machine gun.
  • Golden-Ages Human : Humans from the Golden-Age of The-Earth-That-Will-Be. Many are psychics, and they live in prosperity and peace.
  • Golden-Age Android : Living robots from the Golden-Age. They are always designed to be beautiful. They do not suffer many of the limitations of the human body, but cannot be sorcerous, psychic, mutated or have daemon traits. They often include violence-inhibitors preventing them from harming humans. Comes with fixed class selection (special)
  • Post-Apocalyptic Human : Frequently mutated and slightly mad, humans from this era live on the scraps of technology left over from the Golden-Age.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Robot : Usually quite mad and unsightly these robots are cobbled together from remains of android and robotic servitors. They often suffer split-personalities as a result.

Other Beings

  • Dream Thief : You are in the job of acquiring the most unusual of commodities; the dream. Capable of travelling through dream-worlds you take interesting dreams and sell them at a special market.

3 : Choose Class

Note : Classes might be restricted or enforced based on chosen race – for example all Melniboneans are Noble Warriors. In brackets are a few suggestions.

Standard Classes

  • Warrior ( samurai, knight, royal marines commandos )
  • Assassain ( sniper, Quarzhasaat political tool )
  • Trader (!) ( slaver, post-apocalyptic trinket seller, spice merchant )
  • Sailor ( Captain or First Mate, Air-Ship Crew )
  • Hunter
  • Farmer ( Hydroponics, Shepherd, Mabden Slave-Breeder )
  • Priest (Highly variable)(! depending on cult )
  • Noble (!)
  • Thief
  • Beggar
  • Craftsperson ( Electrician, Blacksmith, Scientist, Computer Programmer, Painter )
  • Entertainer (Juggler, Whore, Singer, Musician, Geisha)

Special Classes

  Component Classes Prerequisites Rules page
Imrryrian Warrior Noble (mandatory) (!) Melnibonean Melnibone
Dragon Prince Warrior Noble : Elite (!) Melnibonean Melnibone
Sand Warrior Warrior Hunter Weeping Wastes The Weeping Wastes
Skilled Noble Noble + Any other career Int 13 Skilled Nobles
Noble Heir Noble : 2 to 7 people between character and the throne Int 13, Cha 13 Noble
Warrior Priest of Phum Warrior Priest Str 13, Sorcerous Training (!), from the Young Kingdom Eshmir, Chaos Worshipper Eshmir, Phum and the Far East
Android Special Golden Age Android Golden-Age Android

(!) : If from the Realm of the Young Kingdoms the character has the option for sorcerous training

4 : Assign Characteristics

You have points to assign to your characteristics as specified on your race page. Additional points may be assigned from your character creation points at a ratio of 1 : 1

Average characteristic range is 9 to 12 – this range offers no penalty or bonus. Greater extremes are possible with a normal possible characteristic range being 3 to 18. This means that you must spend at least 3 in each characteristic, and at most 18 : These may be altered by your race.

Remember that in order to be a sorcerer your int and pow must sum to 32

  • STR : 1/1 : (affects damage)
  • CON : 1/1 : (governs hitpoints)
  • SIZ : 1/2 : (affects hitpoints and damage positively, dextrous abilities negatively)
  • INT : 1/1 : (required for sorcerors, affects learning)
  • POW : 1/1 : (key for sorcerors and psychics)
  • DEX : 1/1 : (important for fighters and thieves)
  • CHA : 1/1 : (important for social characters and summoners)

5 : Determining Additional Abilities

You automatically gain the capacity to be a sorcerer if your INT plus your POW are equal to 32 or more.
You gain the capacity to be a psychic if your INT is at least 15, and your INT plus your POW are 32 or more.

You must receive training before you are able to develop psychic or sorcerous powers.

Type of Ability Trained or Innate Power Source Limitations Brief Description Full Entry
Sorcery Innate Chaos INTxPOW = 32 Your character has the innate power to interact with certain beings from other planes. Innate Sorcerous Powers
Sorcery Trained Chaos Young Kingdoms, INTxPOW = 32 Your character has some formal sorcerous training Trained Sorcerous Powers
Pyschics Innate Law INT min 15, INTxPOW = 32 Your character has a peculiar mind capable of something out of the ordinary. Innate Psychic Powers
Psychics Trained Law Earth-That-Will-Be, Human, Golden Age, INT min 15, INTxPOW = 32 Your character is trained in using the power of his mind Trained Psychic Powers
Mutations Innate Law Earth-That-Will-Be, Human, Post Apocalyptic Your ancestors were exposed to the after-effects of the event. Your character bears physical traits that evidences this. Mutations
Demon-Touched Innate Chaos Young Kingdoms Among your ancestors is a demon, and you have inherited some of their traits. Demon-Touched Traits

6 : Assign Remaining Skills

5 additional skills at 30% : This can be added to existing skills, including your Summoning skill.

You also gain +10% to all the universal Skills : Jump, Climb, Dodge, Balance, Persuade, Listen and Hide.

You may buy additional skill points from your character creation points for 1 per 5% (1:5)

8 : Change Leftover Character Points into Elan, Property or Money

Remaining character creation points are changed into Elan at a ratio of 1:2 (2 points of Elan per character point), or 1:100LB in cash, or 1:5000LB in property ( land, slaves, housing, mines, etc. ).

Character Creation

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